About Us

Madery Bridge Associates is a public strategy firm specializing in public policy, thought leadership, advocacy, messaging, advertising, coalition building, strategic planning, and tactical advice for corporations, trade associations, and non-profit organizations.  We are adept at navigating the world of policy, law, economics and politics, in the states, locally and nationally.  We have broad policy experience, but also deep knowledge of communications policy, technology, intellectual property, health IT and tax, amongst others.

We can also help companies “tell the story” of their products, helping to explain and describe the benefits.

Our clients — individuals, trade associations, think tanks and companies — gain a competitive advantage with our guidance.  Why? Because our guidance, our expertise, comes from the years of experience of our senior advisors — experience in government, the private sector, academia and non-profits.  Our thought leadership and message crafting abilities have been collectively honed over decades of experience.

The bottom line is that Madery Bridge Associates helps you provide a clearer actionable message for your ideas, your views, your needs or your products.  We translate messages into a language that customers, policymakers, opinion leaders and the media can understand. We know how to message, how to move the message into action, and how to drive that message to results.

We tell the story, we build the bridge.