Bridge Cables 17-1: Tax Reform Should Address Privacy Risks, Why the Federal GSA Has No Business Competing With the Private Sector, Progress on Telemedicine in the States

Lately, Madery Bridge writing has appeared in other places.  Take a look!:

Institute for Policy Innovation – “Tax Reform Should Address Privacy Risks”

“This interest [of politicians in tax returns] is not just about the money. A person’s tax return has a wealth of information about them because the disclosure is required by the law. This very personal information can then be plucked from the form without any benefit of understanding or context.”

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American Legislative Exchange Council – “Why the Federal GSA Has No Business Competing With the Private Sector”

“Over the last couple decades, the steady stream of new information technologies and more general innovations has continued to amaze and delight. With these creations and opportunities appearing broadly in the press and the companies behind them heralded as heroes, one should not be surprised that now technology and the opportunities it delivers are part of the fabric of popular culture. And with technology being overtly interwoven into life, many want to be part of the excitement but sometimes in inappropriate ways.”

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Institute for Policy Innovation – “Progress on Telemedicine in the States”

“Across the country, states have been innovating with health care by removing restrictions to telemedicine, or telehealth, thereby lowering costs for citizens and making access easier. Some states have been willing to move further and faster in allowing patients and doctors the options and freedoms provided by greater use of technology in medicine.”

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