Bridge Span 19-1: Finish Franchise Fee Fudging

In the early 1990s cable television began to reach more households and become a true alternative to broadcast. Seemingly overnight, the four-channel world became a universe of 400 channels. Consumers were benefitting for the massive growth in cable and the subsequent explosion in competitive video options and alternatives for consumers.

At the same time local […]

Bridge Span 18-9: They Said It Best When They Said Nothing at All

For years, perhaps decades, or perhaps forever, Washington D.C. has been the butt of jokes with punchlines about how the political class talks and talks and talks while little gets solved. But sometimes Congress speaks by staying quiet. Sometimes doing nothing really is an actively made decision. Multiple U.S. Supreme Court justices seem to understand […]

Bridge Cables 17-1: Tax Reform Should Address Privacy Risks, Why the Federal GSA Has No Business Competing With the Private Sector, Progress on Telemedicine in the States

Lately, Madery Bridge writing has appeared in other places. Take a look!:

Institute for Policy Innovation – “Tax Reform Should Address Privacy Risks”

“This interest [of politicians in tax returns] is not just about the money. A person’s tax return has a wealth of information about them because the disclosure is required by the […]