Bridge Cables 17-7: Future of work; Don’t trust antitrust; Neutral best for California

Lately, Madery Bridge writing has appeared in other places. Take a look!:

“The Future of Work in an AI World?”
“Much of last year’s presidential campaign was about jobs, particularly “saving” jobs in economically depressed areas. The positive trajectory of this year’s jobs reports has been met with cheers of claims of success by government to “save” jobs, in part by retaining or attracting industry. Yet when the topic of artificial intelligence (AI) is mentioned, optimism is abandoned and the pessimistic hand wringing….”
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“Consumers And Industry Innovators Should Not Trust Antitrust”
“T.J. Rodgers, formerly the outspoken CEO of Cypress Semiconductor, once warned that the tech industry should not “normalize relations with Washington, D.C.” He wrote, “A normalized relationship between Washington and Silicon Valley … offers only disadvantages. The collectivism that Big Government espouses undermines capitalism and therefore the fundamental wealth-producing process of Silicon Valley. But the industry could not resist…”
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“A Neutral Network is Best for California
“Northern California is a hotbed of modern, global technological innovation, particularly internet innovation. Yet, increasingly Washington, D.C. dictates the direction and velocity of innovation, often abetted by the very companies that gained from the permissionless innovation approach of government that so benefitted the industry in the past. For example, in the last several years some internet companies and activists have campaigned for heavy handed regulations of the internet. The goal seems merely to use government to gain market advantage over suppliers. But in the integrated world of communications, software, data storage and audio/visual, when one part of the ecosystem is affected, all parts are affected…”
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