Bridge Cables 17-6: FCC: Stand Strong and Implement Sound Internet Policy

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Opinion: FCC: Stand Strong and Implement Sound Internet Policy

PUBLISHED: November 22, 2017

The Federal Communications Commission just released its plan to restore internet freedom, which will bring back the historical light-touch framework that for twenty years instilled regulatory certainty and propelled over a trillion dollars in investments in better broadband services for consumers. Those investments surged even when the broader economy was limping along, even enabling economic productivity across the economy. During the Obama administration, this pro-consumer, pro-investment approach was interrupted by the imposition of the so-called “Open Internet Order,” a dramatic move to regulate the internet with Title II rules in the same archaic way as the monopoly-era rotary phone system. Such regulation harmed consumers as investment decreased and innovation waned.

Eliminating the Title II rules will reverse this troubling trend. Instead of that heavy-handed regulation, the open internet should be preserved.

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