Bridge Span 17-8: Trademarks on the Offensive

Being offended has become quite trendy these days. Finding some words, thoughts or ideas “offensive” has become the frequent attack by the professional demonstrator/protestor/whiner crowd to try to shut down an event or someone’s speech. Always defined in the subjective, as in, “no one can judge because it offends me and only I know what […]

Bridge Cable 17-3: The Angel With The Heart of a Pirate

Lately, Madery Bridge writing has appeared in other places. Take a look!:

Fast forwarding through a gruesome or scary part of a movie? Replaying a particularly engrossing scene of a beloved motion picture? For years consumers have watched videotapes, DVDs, and now digital movies as they see fit. This freedom has worked well within the […]

Bridge Span 17-3: The Firm Grounding of an Intangible Foundation

Good ideas are worth repeating. In Washington it is a necessity to repeat good ideas so that they are not drowned out by the great abundance of bad ideas, to give them a firm grounding even when the topic is intangible. To that end, Madery Bridge joined a host of other organizations signing a letter […]