Bridge Span 18-5: State Tax Authority as Big as the Internet

Given the volume of whining and complaining by state tax collectors one would think that they face a real crisis in collecting online taxes. In fact, they do not. And given their proposed solution one would think that they are out to end small business and crush the Constitution if that is what it takes […]

Bridge Cable 17-8: Coalition Letter on Interest Deductability

The Honorable Kevin Brady Chairman,

Committee on Ways and Means

United States House of Representatives

1100 Longworth House Office Building

Washington, D.C. 20515


November 6, 2017

RE: Preserving Interest Deductibility is Critical to Capital Investment, Job Creation and Economic Growth

Dear Chairman Brady:

On behalf of the members of the following organizations, we write […]

Bridge Span 16-1: Will the American People Be Suckered or Given Succor?

The Permanent Internet Tax Freedom Act (PITFA), receiving a large bi-partisan approval in the House of Representatives earlier this year, is supposedly going to be taken up in the Senate this week. The provision has been added into the conference report (the final version of a bill to be considered by both chambers of congress) […]