Bridge Cables 16-2: This Wireless Future, Municipal Chokepoint in Innovation, and Taking Back the Legislative Branch

Lately, Madery Bridge writing has appeared in other places.  Take a look!:

American Legislative Exchange Council – “This Wireless Future”
“The next generation of wireless networks promises increased capacity to accommodate skyrocketing consumer demand, faster wireless speeds for consumers and businesses alike, reduced latency periods and increased network reliability..”

Institute for Policy Innovation – “Municipal Choke Point on Innovation”
“Impact on unions aside, there is an even larger issue at stake: The continued refusal by many city governments to allow, much less understand and accept, innovation.  This attitude places one more stumbling block in front of a still struggling economy and a barrier in front of those who simply want to add to their household income.  Such choke points on innovation are troubling in their own right, but sooner or later choking suffocates the victim entirely.”
Institute for Policy Innovation – “The Fury in North Carolina Should Come to Washington”
“Now is the time for Congress to take back the powers it has ceded to the executive branch over the years. It is time for Congress to reinforce the limits imposed on executive power while preserving the power of the people’s branch of government. Congress should and must make decisions again or ultimately, like the presidential election, face the voters’ sound and fury, signifying everything.”

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