Bridge Cables 16-1: Set Top Box and Copyright, Tomorrow’s Workforce, and Telehealth

Lately, Madery Bridge writing has appeared in other places.  Take a look!:

Institute for Policy Innovation – “Do Copyright Office Concerns Matter to the FCC?”
“This government intrusion into copyright protections and the freedom of contact is astonishing. But what is worse is the continuing arrogance of the FCC, and the chairman of that agency, ignoring the input of an expert agency like his own. This is regulatory hubris, while what the country needs is a great deal more regulatory humility.”

American Legislative Exchange Council – “Work Force Z”

“Tomorrow’s workforce is already here, and the workers who comprise it are likely to demand changes in the system that has largely remained the same for more than 100 years.”

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Institute for Policy Innovation – “Will Telehealth Be Improved or Restricted?”
“As I wrote this past spring, in 2015 the Texas Medical Board, a group of 19 regulators, decided to restrict the use of telemedicine to “protect” Texas residents. The Board created a new regulation to force a consumer into a face-to-face visit before a doctor could write a prescription. That mandate was put in place by a vote of 14 to 1, ignoring 95 percent of the public’s filed comments that opposed the nanny-state restriction making the case that in fact such restrictions were not good for Texans.

But, according to reports, relief may be on its way in the form of loosening the restrictions. A proposal is now circulating that will be presented to the Texas Legislature early next year.”

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