Innovation Economy Institute: Cheering the FCC plan for 6GHz

Today the FCC announced its plan for spectrum in the 6 GHz band, a plan that would allow unlicensed devices to share the entire 6 GHz band with incumbent licensees. The bottom line is that, if adopted, the plan would increase the amount of spectrum available for wi-fi by nearly five-fold, so there is much […]

Innovation Economy Institute: Will 5G Get 6GHz?

Will 5G Get 6GHz?

Last year was a great year for consumers, business and the FCC as much needed licensed spectrum was auctioned or put in the spectrum pipeline, and critical decisions were made by the FCC related to opening up C-band and 5.9 GHz slices of spectrum for new uses. Those spectrum decisions in […]

Bridge Span 19-3: Time for the FCC to End the Franchise Tax End-Around

Tomorrow the FCC will hold a vote on the legal limits of the power of states and localities to impose fees on cable operators and to regulate non-cable services. The need for a new vote to affirm the limitations is because recently some localities have chosen to “reimagine” the law first formed in the 1990s […]