Bridge Span 19-2: Severe Storm Warning for 5G, Inaccuracies Flood Watch

Government often seems quite adept at solving yesterday’s problems, building or protecting systems that are irrelevant today. Sometimes, to protect these inventions of yesteryear, government can hoard our spectrum resources, the building block for communications. Rather than abandon projects where spectrum is lying fallow or pursuing means to share the spectrum in such a way […]

Bridge Span 19-1: Finish Franchise Fee Fudging

In the early 1990s cable television began to reach more households and become a true alternative to broadcast. Seemingly overnight, the four-channel world became a universe of 400 channels. Consumers were benefitting for the massive growth in cable and the subsequent explosion in competitive video options and alternatives for consumers.

At the same time local […]

Bridge Span 18-11: FCC, Please Speed the Deployment of Broadband

FCC, Please Speed the Deployment of Broadband

Yesterday the FCC held an open commission meeting. There are a number of items on the agenda, two items in particular focused on advancing broadband deployment across the country. One item to be considered is to clarify the scope and meaning of the 1996 Communications Act in reference […]